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Monday, November 06, 2006

Hubby and Me

This Saturday is our 6th Wedding Anniversary. So I thought I would tell the story of us through out the week. That is if Blogger will cooperate.
I'm going to refer to hubby as Hub, because he wasn't always my husband.
The first time I remember being around Hub was when I was in 5th grade. I have a public school diagnosed learning disability. You may have noticed but that includes spelling. Anyway, the LD classes were held in a large room and were seperated by a row of book cases. I was on one side, he was on the other; in the reading class. Occasionally the classes would get together for games. I knew of Hub before LD class, he used to ride around town on a trick bike. I would see him when I would stay the night with my friend and we would hang out up town. But, LD class was the first time I was around him. The only thing I remember about him in LD class was that he used to get into trouble a lot. Hub was a year ahead of me in school.
Once in Jr. High, I chose my click. Lets say they were not the most well behaved or liked kids. As clicks are, they involve many sub-groups. Hub was in and around the same crowd. So, some what often we would end up in the same places hanging out with our individual friends. I definalty knew who he was and I thought I knew what he was all about. The other guys were fighters, trouble makers and such. Because he hung out with them, naturally I thought he was too. I should've known better, considering myself. Some aspects of the click did sink in on me. I nearly flunked Jr. High. We, my crowd, wasn't into studying or careing about school. Almost flunking really got to me. So, I went into High School determined that I would focus on school and work hard. My freshman year I was almost on the honor roll. As focused as I was, I did notice some flirting coming from Hub. But, I tried not to encourage him. Hub was what they would call these days a "player". I knew he "dated" a lot of girls. I would hear him telling his buddies about his latest girlfriend and he "dated" many of my friends. Hub was a nice guy type-and I thought he was kind of cute. But, I was trying desperately to pass my classes. I didn't have time for that stuff.
My Sauphmore year the flirting got even worse. Nearly every day he would walk by my locker and flip my poney tail. I would turn to see who was messing with my hair, and he would give me a big smile and wink as he was cooly walking by. One day he stopped me at lunch and asked me if I needed a ride home. He had noticed me walking to my Grandma's house. Considering the book load, I took him up on his offer. Usually he was taxi-ing. He would take several people home. Then he started driving a truck. You can only fit so many in the cab of a truck. By now, I was becoming interested in him. So, I started asking for a ride early in the morning so that I could call the cab. Sometimes I would even get to sit right next to him, if he was taking one of my friends home too. One day, he was in a really bad mood. We had just dropped off everyone else, and when he pulled up to my Grandma's appartment I didn't get out. I asked him if he was alright. He didn't say much at first-but eventually I gathered that he was fighting with his current girlfriend. He had never really talked to me before. I mean, we had exchanged words. But, never had a conversation. I was strangly thrilled. I didn't know that I had felt anything much for him until I found out that I could talk to him and that I might have a chance with him if he breaks up with that girl. I remember thinking, "Will I get my turn?"


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