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Friday, November 10, 2006

Hubby & Me (Part 6)

For me, being engaged wasn't fun. My mom went nuts with the planning. Before I knew it, we were having her dream wedding. Also, Hub and I had our first disagreements during our engagment. There were several near misses. A couple of times I seriously didn't think we would make it to the isle, much less down it. Both of us had doubts, thankfully never at the same time. The day crept closer and closer and I got more up-tight by the second. It even made me physically sick a couple of times. I knew that I wanted to be Hub's wife, but the preperation for one day nearly did me in.
Finally, it was down to the wire. I wish I could set up the scene well enough. Just imagine: My mother was running around barking oders at everyone, Hub's mother was suddenly protesting the whole thing, and Hub and I were cowering under the power of both of them. The night of the rehersal one of my bridesmaides didn't show up. She had to be replaced by a causin. The dress had to be magically altered over night to fit the causin. Hub's mom refused to allow us to go to our honeymoon destination of Florida and she refused to pay for the rehersal dinner. The ring barrier didn't want to do his job. The flowers weren't what we thought they would be. It was a mess!
The next morning, things got going early. I had to get my hair done. And on and on I was pushed from one thing to the next. 1 hour before time, no Hub. I wasn't real worried. 30 minutes before time, no Hub. 15 minutes before time, still no Hub. His groomsmen arrived saying that he seemed to be glued to his recliner when they left him. Finally, 11 minutes before time he wondered into the church. I was informed that he was here right away. Thats the moment that it hit me. I paniced. The very first time in my life that I hyperventalated. Once I could breath again my mom insisted we start. The wedding was announced as follows: November 11th 2000 at 11:00 a.m. We started at 10:54. They were afraid I couldn't wait anymore. I heard the music start. My bridal party made there way up front. The ring barrier went without a fuss. Then my music came. I found my dad standing around in the fower looking sort of lost. I grabed his arm....and then realized I was on the wrong side. It was just like you see in the movies. We were ready to go. The ushers opened the doors, everyone stood up. I managed a smile, looking strait ahead seeing Hub looking nervous enough to pass out. All the sudden my dress got bunched up underneath me. I stepped on it with my way too tall high heels, and nearly wipped out. I was never so thankful for my father's steady hand. I was righted before I fell completely and on we went. I was so anxious by now, there was no santering slowly towards the front. We made it in record time. I practically dragged my Dad. The cerimony began. I was so happy to be on with it, and that Hub was still standing-I have no memory of what was said. After the cerimony the was a dinner and reception. Lots of lights flashing. Neither of us got to eat anything except for the bite of cake we were told to share. More lights. Then some gifts. Its all really a blur. When it was all over, we were out of our expensive clothes, in my parent's car headed where we weren't sure; Hub said "That was nice but I wish we would've eloped." I agreed.
Tomarrow, Saturday, we celebrate our 6th year in marriage. We've been together for almost 9. We have had a lot of fun together and have grown together in the Lord. We've been through hard times. Some of our own making. But, now I'm just so greatful for him. Then I thought we were in Love. Now I wonder if I could possibly love him more. I need him so much and I'm pretty sure he needs me too. I'm proud of both of us for our commitment to each other and I'm looking forward to what God has in store for our future.


Mrs. C said...

Wishing you a very blessed anniversary!

Mrs. C

Tammy said...

Just read through all your story. =) Happy anniversary!

Amy said...

Oh my, I feel stressed just reading about your wedding! Congratulations on your anniversary. I'm glad it all worked out in the end!

Mary said...

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary!
My dh and I were kind of high school sweethearts...we met in my junior year, he's got 4 years on he'd graduated. Wish you'd shared how your dh proposed!

You have a great story, I so enjoyed reading all of it!

Anonymous said...

read thru your story and i loved it :) thanks for sharing!

Bethanie said...

thanks Tammi, and thanks for visiting. Do come again.

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