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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hubby & Me (part 5)

I'm going to have to speed this up...
I didn't hear from Hub for a least a week if not more. Finally ( I imagine I called him), we talked. He told me he couldn't understand why I thought he would be like that. He said he knew enough about me to know that I wasn't "that kind of girl". Thats part of the reason he wanted to see me in the first place. You can imagine how stupid I felt. I made a big fool of myself.
Fast Forward---
We dated all through the summer. Hub was so much fun to be around. Even if we don't do anything more interesting than drive around town, I lived for our dates. School started again. I moved in with him-er- his locker that is. We were inseperable in school. We were together before class, in-between classes, at lunch. Any free time, you knew you wouldn't find one without the other. We were Highschool Sweethearts.
Fast Forward---
My Senior year I was an engaged woman. Hub proposed to me twice. Once after my 18th birthday party, and again the actual day I turned 18. I was surprised that my parents (especially my mom) didn't flip out. We told everybody that would listen. I took some flack from people who thought we were too young. But, for the most part everyone was happy for us. I started planing right away. We picked a date- November 11. That would give us a year to get everything together. If I had it all to do over again I wouldn't have made our engagment so long. It left too much time for conflict.


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