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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hubby & Me (part 2)

A couple of days later I found out they had broken up. Then I heard him say that he was done with girls. He wasn't going to date anymore until they "grew up". Hub is 3 years older than I didn't think I had a chance with him. Its hard to tell teenage time. Teenagers are so dramatic. It could've have been weeks or months I'm not sure. I remember that I had "moved on" and was back to being all about school. One day, for some reason, I was in the libreary when he was having study hall. I was just heading towards the door when he motioned me over to him. He said he wanted to sign up for email, but he didn't know how. He wondered if I could show him. I had computer class with him so I know how ignorant he is when it comes them. So we sat down together in front of one of the computers and I helped him get an email address. We joked around with each other and then when I had to go to my next class he thanked me and touched my arm. I felt that touch all day. I'm pretty sure it was just a couple of days later I had decided that I also had a crush on another boy in his class. I don't remember exactly, but we had some kind of moment. A week later, during lunch my friend told me that Hub was asking her a bunch of questions about me. She said she had told him that I would probably "go out with him" if he asked. I remember it was April Fools Day and I though she was kidding me. Then Hub walks up and my friend says, "Tell her that we talked". He said they had. I sort of just stood there, kind of embarrased. He said, "Well whats your answer will you go out with me?" and I said, "I don't know." I told him I would have to think about it over night. I took this decsion pretty seriously, I had never any intention of going around with a lot of boyfriends. In fact I had never really had one before. To me this was something big. Plus, don't forget I thought I liked that other guy too. I thought it over all night.


Mrs. C said...

I'm enjoying your story! Looking forward to part 3. :-)

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