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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hubby & Me (part 3)

The next morning he met me at the front door of the school. I still didn't know what I wanted. In the end my decsion was based on something petty. Hub was a Jr. at this time. Prom was in 2 weeks. I knew the other guy wasn't going. I saw this as my oppurtunity to go. When a girl sees a glimer of hope for attending a prom, any prom, she takes it. I said yes, hoping that Hub would ask me to go with him.
For the next couple of days we hung out together in between classes. I managed to talk him into letting me wear his class ring. I wrapped it up in yarn just like the other girls did. Thinking back on it, its really very cute. About 4 days before prom I was busting at the seams. He hadn't even mentioned it. So, I casually brought it up. Which led to his asking me. I was so thrilled! As I said, I wasn't a popular girl. Nor was I particularly glamirous. As far as I knew, this may be my first and last date, much less prom. Even though we had been an item for two weeks we still didn't know much about each other. My parents knew nothing of him. I didn't see the point in going there, if it was going to be just another High school romance that ends just as quick as it begins. But, now not only did I have to tell my mother that I was going out with a boy 3 years older than me but I had to ask her if I could stay out all night with him. I was 16, old enough to date. But, if you do the math-Hub was an adult. He had just turned 19. I went to my mother and explained the situation. She wasn't sure that it was a great idea. Then I pulled my best card- "Didn't Grandma forbid you from dances, and you regret not going to your prom?". Thats all it took. However, she made it clear that I wasn't staying out all night with the other kids. Now that I'm older, I know it was smart-in fact I'm not sure now that any of it was safe. Like I said I actually barely knew Hub. But, off to the prom I went. We talked a lot that evening. I felt so comfortable with him. We had a nice time at the dance. I had never slow danced, so that was some concern to me. But, I let him lead and he knew what he was doing. Fast forward- as we pulled up to my house I told him what a great time I'ld had. He offered to walk me to the door. Honestly, I hadn't even planned for this momment. I was freaking out, as we walked the long path from my drive way to the front door. I had never been kissed. I stepped up to the porch and nothing. He backed away and walked to his car. I was stunned. What kind of guy doesn't try to kiss his date?! Maybe he didn't like me. Did I make some move that said I didn't want a kiss. The worst part was I would have to waite until Monday to find out. As he drove out of the drive and onto our gravel road, he honked his horn. I was still standing at my door trying to figure out what had gone wrong.


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