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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

First Post

Hi! I just love this picture to the left. I wish I had such a nice display on my table.
In this blog I'm going to write about my everyday life as a helpmeet to my husband and my joys as a homemaker. Also I'm going to write about our journey to and through adoption. Right now we are not yet "activaly" involved in the adoption process. We would like to have our house and lives in order before we even pursue it. Our goals are:

1. finish remodeling
2. have our finances in order
3. have our nursery finished
4. have our homestudy

All by Spring 2007. Then we are going to "put our names on the list" (as my husband puts it) at a local christian maternity center. My main goal is to get into a daily routen that is suitable for a baby. Right now I am working outside of my home for 3-4 hours a day. However, I'm praying my husband will allow me to quit when our baby comes to us. I am trying to show him ways that I can make our life less expensive, so that he can feel good about me being home.
One more thing, I am a terrible speller. While I do have spell check on here, the pop up blocker will not let me use it. So, please forgive any misspelled words.


Rhonda said...

Congrats on your new blog. I saw it on Candy's.
I see you have the same taste in books as I do!
May God bless you and your husband on your desire to adopt. It means giving a child a chance that might otherwise have been lost.
God bless

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