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Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot! Hot! Hot!

The heat is unbearable! I can't be outside for more than it takes me to walk to and from my car. Even in the house with the air on it feels so uncomfortable. I've been trying to take it easy, but then things don't get done. We had such a busy weekend too. Saturday I participated in my mother's and sister-in-laws garage sale. I was up until 10:30 Friday night trying to organize my stuff. Oh it was soooooo Hot! We quit a hour early, but they did very well. Altogether we made over $150. Personally I only made $27-but I didn't bring a whole lot. Still every little bit helps. Hubby was in another derby Saturday evening. Thankfully he suggested I stay home out of the heat. Although I was nervous for him at home all afternoon. I had him call everytime anything exciting happened. He had fun, but he didn't place. He was out pretty quick because his tire came off the rim. Amazingly, as he was loading the car up a man came up to him and offered him $50 for the car as it was minus the motor and trany. The amazing part is: thats all my husband paid for the car to begin with (before the bashing). Of course he quietly accepted his offer. What a good business man he is. I was so proud of him. Sunday we had a reunion on my hubby's side. I made a chocolate cake. I'll post my recipe tomarrow if I remember. Then we had to go grocery shopping. I'll post my list and method tomarrow too maybe. Right now its time for me to go home and eagerly wait until hubby gets off work. Oh, by the way he took off tomarrow and Wednesday. No reason.....Just wanted to spend more time with his wife. How lucky I am!


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