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Friday, July 07, 2006


Last night my brother had a softball game. Every since he was little he has loved sports. My grandfather watches baseball all summer and thats what they did together. All through school he played all sports available; baseball, basketball, soccer, and track. But baseball was and is his passion. He is fast. He isn't a great hitter. But if he can get on base, and the other players batting after him don't end the inning, he will get home just by stealing bases. Its amazing to watch him go. Hes short, for a guy, and thin. He gets real low to the ground and takes off like a train. In all the years I've watched him play, I don't remember a catcher or pitcher being able to throw the ball to second or third fast enough to get him out. He was blessed with an amazing talent. His jr. and sr. year of highschool my mother started taking him to minor league try outs and making tapes to send to scoutes. He wanted to be a professional baseball player, and she wanted it real bad too. Scoutes did come and see him play. They would even compliment him on his job in center field, which was were he played. He was so dedicated and passionate about the game. But somewhere towards the end of his sr. year he got it into his head that the goal was unreachable. Then he met his future wife the following fall and the dream was over. He still plays softball in the summer and this year he helped work out the team at the highschool.
Last night hubby and I went to see him play. I could tell by the way he played how much he still loves it. For him, theres nothing better than rounding those bases and sliding into home. Hearing the crowed cheer and knowing he just put his team one point closer to winning. Even though he didn't go to the top...I'm so proud of him.


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