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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Changing Seasons

For some reason I had a terrible time find a good picture that represented autumn. Am I misspelling "autumn"?
For the past 3 days the weather has been so wonderful. The high has been 78 degrees and theres a nice breeze with occasional showers. For several monthes we've been putting up with unusually scortching temperatures. What a releaf this change has been. I did catch the weather man saying this morning that it was due to Hurrican Ernesto.

Oh, I do hope though that it will continue to be so nice even when those currents move on.
A while back, when my hubby was getting a ride home from work, he and his friend pulled up into our drive way. I was busily cleaning out our car. I was brought up that you live in your car as much as you do your home. I grew up in the country and my mom's job was 30 minutes away, or school was 15. My brother, as I've mentioned before, was a jock. We spent a lot of time in a car running here and there-to his games. During highschool I spent a lot of time in my car just driving around to stay out of the house. During all this riding and driving I cultivated a habit of untidyness. It absolutly drives my hubby nuts. So it is my job to make sure I keep it cleaned up since it is my problem. Anyway, as they drove up the friend asked what I was doing. Hubby replied that I was cleaning the car out. Friend said something like, "Well you sure have got her trained". Hubby said, "She does it on her own will, and with a smile... see". (here I noticed them and waved and smiled) Friend was intrigued by this. "Hey, will you send her over to talk to my girlfriend (live-in I'm sure). Your one lucky guy".
Now, I'm not trying to brag on myself. This always plays itself over in mind. Its encouragment to me to keep going in this endevor. I want my husband to be pleased with me and I want other men to look up to him because of how I serve him. This was not a complement to me. It was for him.
Proverbs 31
23 Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.


Mary said...

Bethanie, I love love your posts on how you genuinely love to bless your husband! It is so refreshing...
We wives that are also moms tend to busily see to "everyone's needs" and lose sight of the importance of taking time to serve with a smile. You are SUCH a good reminder to me of how I used to always be this way. I always said I'd never put the kids before my dh. Unfortunately, he is the type to happily fade into the background, but that's no excuse! Keep blogging, I'm encouraged! Your dh is a very blessed man!

Mary said...

I forgot to add that you spelled autumn correctly! And I wish I knew how to help you with your sidebar...I'm not familiar with blogger...

Amy said...

Great story! People often comment to my husband how nice it must be to come home to dinner every night, etc. I view it as part of the Christian witness of our family.

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