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Monday, August 28, 2006

Christmas Craft Ideas

I asked hubby about my pillow idea and he said that it was ok. I thought that this project might be fun to make for gifts as well. You can find the instructions on Martha Stewarts website.


Amy said...

That's so pretty. The Martha Stewart site has some of the best ideas. You've reminded me to go have a look again :)

Mary said...

That's beautiful!
My girls and my niece and I made "baggie wreaths" last year. It sounds chintzy but it's not. They looked like crystal icicle was in my Family Fun magazine two Christmases ago. You just take a box of sandwich baggies (we got a small box for $1 at the dollar store) and bend a wire into a 10-12 in diameter and start tying baggies on it. Make sure they're centered and tie and knot them. The really pretty final touch is to use wire edged ribbon to make a many-looped bow with spiraled ends hanging down. It impressed us and everyone we made it for!
PS, Did you notice MInTheGap linked to your Ladies and College post today (8-28)?

MegLogan said...

Bethanie, sorry this isnt really related to this post...

But where do you (and other ladies) find these wonderful pictures, feminine and genteel? i think most are paintings, but where do you fidn them on the web??

Mrs. Meg Logan

Bethanie said...

I'm not sure which picture you mean. Like the picture that goes with our blogs? I honestly don't remember where I got mine. I picked it up a long while back and held on to it because I thought it was so pretty.
The picture for this post I got from Martha Stewart's website.
My suggestion is search "vintage photos" or something like that.
Mary-that does sound interesting.

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