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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My long weekend

It was so nice to look forward to Monday and know that I didn't have to leave my home. I love being at home.
Saturday hubby had another derby. He placed 4th out of 12 cars. He was great. The car is finished, however the motor and tranny are still good and he was able to drive out of the ring. He is going to take the guts out and junk the body. Next Spring he'll look for a new car, put the stuff in it, and hes good for another year. We took lots of pictures. I'm thinking of starting a blog just for his derby stuff.
Sunday we visited his buddy's grave. His buddy Brian is the one who got him into derbys. He passed away 2 years ago last week in a car accident (non-derby related).
Yestarday....Oh glorious holiday! I slept in until 8:00. Hubby took the car to work that morning so I couldn't have gone anywere even if I'ld wanted to. I watched Regis & Kelly. I tried out my new bread maker for the first time. I was a little scared of all the instructions, but once I got started it went smoothly. It was very easy. I was amazed that all I had to do was put the ingredients in there and it did absolutely everything else including bake it. It smelled so good! I'm never buying bread from the store again. We got the machine at a yard sale a couple weeks ago. It had only been used once. It was still in the box and came with directions. Hubby insisted we get it. He paid $25.00 for it. I know I'll get his money's worth.
I cleaned and read. I looked up a recipe for dinner and put on a little make-up. I even made some cherry jello (one of my hubby's favorite snack foods). He got home 30 minutes early and he enjoyed working outside while I played video games. Thats games. Hubby bought me a playstation 2 video game for christmas last year and I haven't had much time to get any good at it.
This morning it was raining and it was good.


Mary said...

Sounds like a wonderful day off! I love my bread machine...which was a cast-off of a cousin's. It's great for making my cinnamon roll dough, or my pizza dough...I haven't tried my favorite bread recipe in there yet, but have done a few in the little booklet that came with the machine. Honey-oat is our favorite!
My bil is really into derby's...and as you know, my dh loves fixing up old trucks. A great guy-hobby!
Glad you're back in the blog world!

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