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Monday, October 16, 2006

Have I mentioned lately....

How great my hubby is. Last night, well actually this morning at 1:00 we were awakened by loud banging at the front door. Right off, I was angry. Everybody that knows us knows that hubby has to get up early to go to work the way it is. He needs all the sleep he can get. He went and answered the door. I heard voices in the kitchen. I wrapped my blanket around me, I had left my robe in the bathroom, and went to go see who was bugging us and hubby was actually entertaining. It was the neighbor lady. More than a year ago a family moved in next to us. A couple and their three boys. The man is fond of drink. I won't go into detail- the woman needed us to watch her boys until her mother-in-law got there. She was driving in from the country it would only take a few minutes. The youngest wasn't at home, the middle was asleep on the livingroom floor, and the oldest was playing video games. I didn't question why he was awake so late on a school night, he seemed to have had a rough evening- I can only imagine. We sat on the couch watching the game for maybe 20 minutes. I won't discuss the site of the house either-except to say that we both changed clothes and washed our hands before going back to bed. When the grandma got there, she had much to say about what she thought was going on. We just kept trying to inch back over to our house. Once inside my husband sighed and told me how greatful he was for our good life. All I could say was how proud I was of him for being such a wonderful man. Theres no way any of their problems are his. He had to be up for work in an hour. Yet, he agreed to watch the boys without need of explanation(although we got plenty), judgement, or complaint.


Dawn Marie said...

More wives need to thank their husbands every day before they go to sleep at night cuz you never know when the Lord will call our DH's home. My DH just came back from a year long tour in Iraq and I thank God daily for bringing him and the rest of the unit home safely with no injuries or deaths.
We also need to constantly pray for our DH's. Life is hard, but it's better with God on their side.

Happymama said...

You did exactly what the Lord would have you to do. Bless those poor little hearts. It's amazing how just having God in your heart can make a difference in your family life.

I did have to giggle at the thought of y'all inching your way back to your house. I've been there. LOL


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