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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Last week (Tuesday) I had a cold coming on. I really didn't have time to be sick with Thanksgiving comin up. I remember reading an article on "Home Steeped Hope" about using proxide in your ears to battle colds. So I tried it and I believe it really worked. The way I did it was: dip Q-tip in proxide until its soaked. Then swirled it just inside the ear-they say you should never put anything deep into your ear. The proxide will run down in there some, and it will fizz. I did each ear 3 times a day for 5 days-until I was sure I was better. Basically, I could still detect the cold under the surfice, but it never progressed. Also I drank lots of orange juice and took an antihestimine once a day. But, I've done those things before. I've never experianced this before-which is why I believe in the proxide now. Another tip that I picked up while reading somewhere was to eat spicy food to help with your immune system. So I tried to do that too-although I'm not much for hot.
For almost a month now we've been taking vitamins. Out of the blue, one evening Hubby said we needed to start taking a multi-vitamin. So I picked up "One a Day" for men and women. They are pretty big pills-and I have a little trouble getting mine down-but I can tell a difference in my energy level. For example, Yestarday when I got home I did my usual chores like laundry and such. But I also made bread, made pizza's from scratch, and would have made a triple batch of waffles if I had had the time.
My christmas projects are coming a long. We have about 2 1/2 weeks before we leave on vacation and I confident that I'll have them done. I'll try and post a picture of the finished product before we go.
Christmas is a touchy subject for me. Every year Hubby and I get more and more weary of the holidays. The holidays are hard on those who deal with inferitilty. But also the commercialization of it all. I think we'll put up the tree this year, but we aren't buying anyone presents and we aren't excepting any bought presents either. We do not want to support all the maddness. This is difficult for my mother-as she goes thousands of dollars into debt every year just to see happy faces on Christmas morning. Which is one reason why we decided to go away for Christmas, thinking it would be easier for everyone. Slowly everyone is getting used to the fact that we have chosen to be different this year. It really amazed me that our descion to pass up the typical holiday chaos would affect my family in such a way. But, we feel good about what we are doing. As I become an Aunt-hopefully in the near future-I may feel somewhat differently. But for now we want to be all about Jesus during christmas rather than the world.


MInTheGap said...

No matter how interesting it sounds, I haven't tried the H2O2 in the ears yet. Maybe the next time I get the nerve up I'll try it. I'm a little concerned that I might get it trapped in my ears. How do you drain it?

We're short on funds this year, but we're just giving smaller gifts wondering if the expectation of gifts at this time of year is more harmful than not. I guess the hardest thing for me would be the fact that it seems that you go without certain things that you'd like through out the year and Christmas seems like the only time where you can get something that might not be practical but it's what you want. Maybe if we modified the budget to allow for more of these types of things it wouldn't seem so strange.

I'm glad for your testimony about keeping Christmas Christ-centered.

Amy said...

I really need to start taking my vitamins again. I think I'll start tonight!

Our family has gradually adjusted to changes in gift giving as more grandchildren have arrived. None of the adults exchange gifts anymore, but I have great fun making a Christmas parcel for my two nieces. We only give each of our children one gift and treats in their stocking. They get gifts from the grandparents and one aunt and uncle. It's just enough to be exciting without being overwhelming.

We start our advent celebrations tonight and it's been a great way for our family to focus on the Lord during Christmas.

Mary said...

Bethanie, glad it worked for you! I'm in the middle of a doozie of a cold right now, and initially I did the hp like a good girl, but then my dh called me a "quack" (can you believe him!) so I quit on the 3rd day. Boy am I sick now. I'm thinking of trying it again. The 2nd night of my cold after putting the hp in my ears I felt 100% cured! It was amazing, then the next morning I was miserable again. I think it really takes consistency. It's not a one-time wonder for the really tough germs.

MIn, I read that that is the only caution in using hp in the ears. You drain it as best you can by tilting your head, but you won't get all the moisture out, and the site I read this at said the wetness "could" lead to bacterial growth. So if someone was susceptible to ear infections anyway, I wouldn't recommend using the hp. The site recommended putting alcohol in your ears after using hp, to evaporate the liquid. Ouch. Even to me that sounds a bit extreme!

Bethanie said...

min-sorry I didn't get to your question but I see Mary helped. My experiance was that it just drained out on its own. As soon as I got it in-I would grab a tissue and hold it just under my ear. I didn't mind the leftover moisture. I've never had trouble with ear infections.
Thanks for your comments!

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