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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Drafting Women

Recently, during a news conference, President Bush mentioned "expanding the military". I don't pretend to understand these things, but theres only one way I can think of to do that. Drafting. Not only does this worry because of my husband, but also for myself. Our soceity is so set on equalizing men and women that I think its very possible that our government would put women in dangerous situations against their will. So, I searched a little about it and came up with the above article. I appreciated what the author had to say.

The fact is this is way too possible. I can't walk up to the selective service and explain to them that I'm a keeper of my home and expect them to care. I'm a non-violent, sensitive female who doesn't wish to ever carry a gun, and the world doesn't care.


Mary said...

Wow. Thanks for sharing that article and your thoughts. It really drops the pit out of your stomach doesn't it? Especially with me having three girls. I'd have 3 more years before I'd be "draft free" myself. I sure hope it doesn't come into effect, but if it does, what a sad day in America.

Amy said...

Wow. I never would have thought this was possible, and it literally makes me feel sick to read about it.

The whole reason my grandparents came to Canada from Germany was because there was no drafting of men for military service. After living through WWII they were very afraid for their son.

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