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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Holidays

I was going to waite to blog until I brought my camera in to share pictures, but who knows when I'll remember my camera.
We had a pretty good time on vacation. Texas is warm most of the year. We had several days of nice weather. I missed home though. I didn't realize how much I enjoy being at home, until I wasn't. I had every intention to cook and help around the house while I was there, but they constantly insisted that I "relax" etc. This is also when I realized that keeping home does relax me. When we made it home on the 23rd, it was nice to be back in my own territory.
I did a lot of learning this past week. I learned that I can be supportive of my husband on a long trip. I learned that when I'm homesick its hard to be content. I learned that I shouldn't stand too close to Mo(the dog) when he needs to go-yes thats right he "went" on me and I had to change clothes in the most discusting gas station. I learned that too much resturant food isn't good for me. The biggest thing I learned was that I can't make my mother not do something. When we got home she had bought us presents. She expected us to come over on Christmas morning and open them. Then we were expected at my Grandma's house at noon for a Christmas meal and gift exchange. If we did not comply we would apparently offend my whole family. Not wanting to be on the outs with my family we gave in. But we did not buy anyone anything. We purchased two cheap gifts for the exchange, thats all. I'm not affraid to say that one reason we do not want to do Christmas is the money. I think its a waste. You have to understand that the things I've bought for my family members in the past just end up in the garge sale the following summer. In the past I've spent up to a thousand dollars on Christmas, and man do I wish I had that money now for more important things. If we did Christmas I would be responsible for the purchasing-and I am charged with useing my husband's money as wisely as I can. It is unwise to spend his hard earned salary on unappreciated things. So, probably to the dismay of my family we plan to continue our boycott of Christmas in the future. But, if it makes my mother happy to spend her money on me theres nothing I can do about it I guess. I plan to take most of the things she bought us to the salvation army.


Rhonda said...

Glad you're back!
Blessings to you.


Mary said...

Welcome back Bethanie! So on your vacation you visited friends?

Happy New Year almost!

Terri said...

I'm glad you're back, too, Bethanie! Safe and sound and blessed! :D

Bethanie said...

Thanks ladies.
Mary-no family. My aunt, her daughter, her husband, and their daughter. Hope that makes sense.

Tammy L said...

Your description of what happens to Christmas gifts is often reality, unfortunately! We don't celebrate Christmas, either, but not because of wasted gifts. :)

Bethanie said...

Tammy-I read your "Why we don't celebrate Christmas" and found it very interesting. I had never thought much about the fact that Jesus really wasn't born in December-so why celebrate his birth on that date.

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