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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our New Years & other happenings

I brought in the new year exactly like I wanted-lying asleep next to my husband. Hubby had to work, so it was just another day. Sunday evening I made sausage and saurkrote(sp?) and Monday I made Corned Beef and Cabbage (I'll post the recipe seperatly). For several years Hubby has mentioned that his mom always made these dishes when he was a kid and this year was the first year I had the guts to try it. They are supposed bring you good luck and prosperity for the coming year. I learned something important- I don't care for cabbage or vinager.
I had the day off "work" yestarday and it was so nice to stay home and take care of what matters most. I cleaned and organized to my hearts content. Hubby came home early from work and he helped put away what few Christmas decorations I had up.
While putting away the mountain of clean clothes- I asked the age old question, "Honey, could I please quit my job and stay home." As you can very well guess the answer was "no". So I'm still waiting. Things would be easier if we (hubby and I) had been raised differently.
I've mentioned a couple of times before that my brother and his wife are trying to start a family. Well, they rang in the new year in the e.r. She is having some.... "women's issues". Without going into to detail-I just wanted to ask you to pray for them. I know that my sister-in-law feels some pressure in this area. She maybe my mother's only hope for biological grandchildren, and thats a lot of stress on them.


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