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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Finally Caught Up

After only a week's absence you can really get behind. I think I'm finally caught up here (in the office), with email, comments, and reading blogs. I can finally get around to posting about last week.
Last Saturday night (being Jan. 27th) just as I was finishing up a chocolate cake I started feeling a little quezy. Before 3:00 Sunday morning I was in the middle of the worst stomach flue I've ever had (in my adult life). Oh, what the scene must have looked like-my poor husband. He was/is my hero. He stayed up with me all night and took care of me. Unfortunatley, I'm one of those people that need an audiance when I'm sick. Not that I need someone to watch me(oh I hope I'm not grossing anyone out) I just mean that vomitting is very scary for me. I feel as though I'm near death everytime, and I lost count that night. As the sun was coming up my stomach finally settled some. I slept a few hours, and so hubby. I woke up with a fever. It never did get very high, but I was brought up that a fever ment you were dealthy ill and you should see the nearest doctor as soon as possible and in the mean time you should take an insane amount of pills to get it down. It was hard for me not to rely on that instinct, but I have read several times lately from some wonderful homemaking mothers that a fever just means your body is fighting off the germs and you should allow it to run its course as long as it doesn't get too high. So I let it do its thing, it broke Monday evening. Right from the start I forced myself to have some water occasionally. A couple of years back I was sick and I got dehydrated. I had to go to the e.r. and they shuved that stuff in me as fast as they could-blew out my vain. It was like $500. I did learn something important though, the attending doctor told me the signs of dehydration so I checked myself often. Sunday afternoon I had kept some crackers and applesauce down. I thought I was doing pretty good.
Then I get the call that they didn't think my Grandma would make it through the night. She went from "might pass away in 6 monthes" to "on her way out" in just a week, at least thats the way I saw it. My mother wanted to know if I wanted to say my last goodbye. I just couldn't go. I was still way too sick. Around noon on Monday she was gone. I really had thought that I would help with the final preperations but I was just no good. We did stay at my parents house Monday and Tuesday night. My brother and his wife stayed too. It was good being with family, but I really like to be sick in my own home. I didn't feel well all through the visitaion or funeral. When I was still sick on Wednesday evening I broke down and called my doctor. He said, "Got the Flue". He gave me something for nasea (sp?) and loose bowels. Finally on Saturday Feb. 3rd I started feeling better. Yestarday morning I actually woke up hungry. Last night I cleaned. Hubby had done a pretty good job at keeping things up, but I'm behind.
As for grief-I think I'm doing alright. The funeral was harder than I thought it would be. I hate to cry in public, but there was just nothing for it. I felt much better when we left the grave site. I had very real sense of peace through out the whole thing, even being sick.


Mrs. C said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope that you're feeling better today.

Mrs. C

Mary said...

Oh Bethanie, I'm sorry, and you were sick and couldn't be there. How hard.

Many blessings and ((hugs)) sent your way...glad you're feeling better.

Bethanie said...

Thank you for your sympathies.
Mary-actually I did go to the funeral and everything even though I was sick.

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