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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Its My Right!"

Recently I was reading a blog that I visit occasionally. I was reading...reading...along. All the sudden there it was-something that went like this: "I have a divine right to work at home and I would do it even if my husband didn't approve. Its not a matter of him "letting" me stay home." Now, I'm not quoting the exact words & I won't involve the name of the blog. It was pretty shocking to me how bold this statement was coming from a source that I thought was modest and meek. Its been bugging me every since. For a while I thought that maybe the blogger was right-just goes to show how others can ifflueance you. But, then I thought; no-my first reaction was right. Ladies, I work outside my home. Not for long each day-only 3 hours. I don't want to do it at all, but I do it because its what my husband wants me to do. I do not question his authority. He is my HEAD! These statements that my husband is unwise for making me work outside my home, they are insulting. The notion that I have the RIGHT to just up and decide to quit my job even though he doesn't want me to is against everything I believe.
I guess I just needed to get that out.


Brenda said...

Bethanie, I came over from your post on my blog and I had to comment.

I have worked full time before even though I had young children because my husband asked me to do so. It wasn't easy but we made it work.

We must have a servant's heart and you do so by working part-time for our family.

I became a SAHM when I began homeschooling my son in 2nd grade because he was severely ADHD. He's now a Junior and I'm still at home but my husband and I both agree to make the necessary sacrifices to educate Christopher (and not because I stomped my foot and shouted at God and my hubby)!

I recently had to delete a blog I love because of an attitude situation that caused me to get stirred up each time I read it.

Great blog!

Happymama said...

LOL, I'm glad you got that off your chest, Bethanie. :)


I agree that you should be submissive to your husband in this area as well as every other area. Just a question said that you don't want to do it at all, but you do it because it's what your husband wants and you don't question his authority. Is he MAKING you work outside the home, or is it his preference? I totally agree with what you said, I was just trying to make the point you were making clear in my head. :)


MInTheGap said...

I think that you make a terrific point here, Bethanie. Although I agree that the best place for a mother is in the home, I don't think it should be yet another thing that she must do because she believes it-- rather it's something that the husband and wife need to work together on to decide.

Certainly this doesn't rise to the level of the husband asking the wife to sin.

Bethanie said...

Thanks for all the comments.
"Happymama"- well he doesn't hold me at gun point every morning and force me to go, but he knows I'm only still working because its what he wants. I'm a SAHW in a working gals life.

Happymama said...

Bethanie, Glad to hear there are no guns involved. LOL


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