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Monday, February 26, 2007

Spring Reading Challenge from Seasonal Soundings

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I think this is a grand idea....but I'm not sure I would have time for it. Lately, things are backing up on me. I'm still going over to my parents house nearly every day. My mom has a cast on her hand now and her fingers are basically free, so she can do a few things for herself. But, my father has the flu, he got really sick at work Thursday evening and passed out which got him and ambulance ride to the hospital, and he's still down. Back track: Oh, you should've seen me sitting in the ER waiting room. It was wall-to-wall sick children. I had a major flar up of germ-a-phob. I was seriously cringing the whole six hours we waited. Anyway: I've had to resort to asking my hubby to help me keep up the laundry, but since he doesn't do put aways we have a mountain of laundry (its at least clean) in my utility room. I can't even bring myself to tell you what my kitchen floor looks like....
If I do decide to participate with the challenge (when/if things get caught up) I can't see myself committing to more than two books. I'm a slow reader. It'ld be summer before I finished three. But, if you have a little extra time and enjoy reading, be my guest.


Happymama said...

Bethanie, I'm sorry to hear about your folks. I hope they're better soon. Especially your dad!! Did he have to stay in the hospital?

I'm somewhat the germ-a-phobe myself. I was dying on the inside when I had to take my own son to the doctor the other day and we had the windows up and he was coughing and sneezing. LOL I felt so horrible as a mother. LOL Isn't that terrible?


Bethanie said...

No-he didn't have to stay. It took the doctor 6 hours to tell us that he had an "inflamed stomach".
No-I'm the same way with my husband when he gets sick, and he with me. When I was sick a few weeks back he wouldn't get near me.

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