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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Enjoying Spring

The weather has been wonderful the past couple of days. I've opened up my house, and let all the stuffy winter air out. Every morning the birds come alive around 5:00, and its so energizing hearing them sing. It reminds me of a part in a book I read last year called "Many Waters". In several scenes the characters describe the many jungle animals coming out in early morning to sing to the sun. With all of my windows open, the music comes in from all directions. However, the warmer weather has brought swarms of insects. I've been seeing lots of spiders outside and inside our home. I'm not sure what kind they are, but it concerns me some. Also, we are having a problem with some sort of fly-type bug bothering our dogs. Its not a fly, and they are too big to be gnats. We are hopeing they move on soon. I've decided to do my baking early in the morning because of the afternoon heat. This week I'm going to bake Strawberry Bread and Cherry Muffins. I'll post on my results. Spring makes me crave fruit.
I have a couple more projects going on, I guess I need to make a list.

  • New recipes to try.
  • Reading list.
  • Lamb craft( I've got my pattern all ready, I have to wash the material)
  • Work on the bathroom remodeling.
  • Resume morning walks.

I'm a busy lady.

Update on my sister-in-law: Her next appt. is in 3 weeks. She is doing well. Her doctor told her to eat more often, every two hours or so, and thats been helping with the morning sickness.


Mary said...

There is just something down-home-good about open windows in the spring and fall! One of my favorite things! (Unless pastures are burning around us! Typical of farmers in the mid-west springtime)

Had to chime in and say I LOVE STRAWBERRY BREAD! My recipe isn't from the same cookbook that you linked to, but it sure is yummy. We serve each piece slathered with strawberry cream cheese! Yum. Hope yours turned out good. It makes a great gift...

Bethanie said...

We don't have pastures anymore. Everything is covered in farmland.
But, sometimes our neighbors burn leaves or even their trash (which is against the law).
I had never even heard of strawberry bread before.

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