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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is Stevie. He is my husband's cockatiel.

He and my husband get along swimmingly. However, Stevie doesn't care much for me.
Stevie is somewhat anti-social. When he was living at the pet store he resided in a 10 gal. glass aquarime. This is not a suitable habitat for a bird. We were told that he had been hand fed-however we weren't aware of the implications of that. Basically, he was a baby. He was a year old, but by being hand fed the pet store owners stunted his emotional maturity. When we got him home he cried all the time. After a week of whinning I was ready to escort him back to the pet store. But, my hubby was already attached. We had to put him in his own room and ignore him for a week before the crying stopped. He is still very moody. We've let his wings grow out, and enjoys flying around the house often. For the most part he is fairly affectionate with my hubby. We've had him for a year and half now, and he's apart of our family.


Happymama said...

He's beautiful.


Christine said...

Stevie's so cute! I used to have a cockatiel when in college but then my schedule got so hectic I couldn't pay enough attention to him and he got very upset! So I found him another home. :( Thanks for sharing pictures!

Rohanknitter said...

Awww, he's cute. My youngest has a parakeet named Rocket. Boy can he make a racket!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!

Bethanie said...

Thanks ladies!

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