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Monday, April 30, 2007

one of those days....

when I realllllllly want to quit my job. About 30 minutes ago my "authority figure" dumped meals on wheels on me. Meals on wheels is a community service where they take meals to shut ins. The churchs in the area are supposed to help deliver. The past two years I've tried to organize this myself. Last year it was almost impossible to get members to agree to help. This year I refused to take this on myself, since it isn't my responsiblity to begin with, so I involved the temporary leader (we are without a pastor so this would be our head Deacon). Three weeks ago he said, "We'll ask for volunteers and if we don't get any then we will get out of it". Today he comes to me without any volunteers, wanting me to arrange everything. Our commitment starts TOMMARROW! Translation: I have to harass people into agreeing to this at short notice. So far I've had no luck.
I'm so tierd of getting stuck with the run-off. Everything, eventually, ends up in my lap.
I'm seriously feeling sick about this.
Please pray for me this evening, as I again appeal to my husband to allow me to quit. I just can not put up with this nonsense anymore.


Terri said...

Oh, Bethanie! I can relate! May I ask why your husband wants you to continue working? You may have addressed this in an earlier post and I might have missed it.

Mary said...

Praying for you, Bethanie, sounds like a lot of pressure!

Jen in MS said...

Oh, I hate stuff like that! I'll pray that you will be able to easily find help or be able to graciously bow out!

Bethanie said...

Terri- I'll answer in a post.
Mary & Jen-Thanks

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