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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Kitchen Tip Tuesday

My Kitchen Tip is about preparing, freezing, and using strawberries.
This past weekend my husband picked us a flat of strawberries. The first thing I do is "head" them. Meaning I cut off the green part on top. While your doing this inspect each one making sure they don't look wormy or they aren't too ripe (mushy and dark). Then I dump them in the sink, fill it up with cold water, and wash them by sort of swirling them around. Then I scoop up a hand full, keeping my fingers separated so any stray leaves or straw stays in the water, and put them in a clean bowl. I repeat this at least one more time. Then I lay them out on cookie sheets and freeze for a couple hours. Once they are hard, I put them in a freezer bag. They'll keep good for 3 months.
Cheaters Strawberry Pie
1 Qt fresh strawberries
1 container strawberry pie glaze
1 ready made pie crust
1 container cool whip
Bake pie crust as directed. Stomp your foot when it gets over done, puffs up, or the sides fall. Swear you'll never us that ready made crust again. Add strawberry's (whole if your too lazy to slice them) to crust. Spread glaze over berries. Top with cool whip until you can't tell whats underneath.


Ron and Ginny said...

Thanks for the tip. Yes, it's strawberry season once again! I LOVE strawberries. And blueberries. And apples...and peaches...and watermelons...and... Well, you get the picture. ;-)

Bethanie said...

Oh me too! Fresh and Local is the best!

Anna S said...

Thanks for the tip on strawberries! So far, all I made from them was jam, jam and more jam. We have about 10 jars of strawberry jam already. I'll try freezing some now.

Mrs. Brigham said...

Thank you for sharing this great tip! I can hardly contain my excitement at strawberry season coming around again :o)

Bethanie said...

Anna- I plan to make some jam next week for the first time.
Mrs. brigham- thanks for visiting and your welcome!

Alexandra said...

Yum, I need to get some strawberries. I like to make refrigerator jam with them.

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