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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Catching Up

photo from flickr
Now that my "The Desire Of My Heart" series is over, I have a lot of catching up to do. I finally made it all the way through my blogroll today and visited each of my favorite blogs.
I am so looking forward to fall. Today its hot...and its very discouraging. The leaves are falling, but its because its been so dry. The trees aren't turning pretty colors, just a dead brown color. I've put up all my fall decorations, which are few. So, I am urging fall to come. The baking bug is slowly creeping up on me. I stocked up on some baking supplies that were on sale this weekend. Pecans are expensive, even when there on sale.
The baby is almost here. She'll be 36 weeks next week. They've had to stop labor twice, so the next time it starts up they are going to let her deliver. Of course it would be great if she made it to her due date, but at least now everything will be ok. I'm excited!
Hubby and I are planning an Autumn party for friends and family. Hayride, chili, hot chocolate, and games. He loves to have company and I love to plan.
Whats your favorite thing about autumn?


brandy said...

Hmmm. . .I love misty days spent looking for colorful leaves, fallen acorns and brightly colored mushrooms. Really, I love ALL of Fall.

Bethanie said...

Me too Brandy. Its my favorite season.

Anna S said...

Hi Bethanie - it has been a long time since I visited, so I spent some time reading all you wrote about your journey of desiring children and infertility. I won't say anything but that you'll be in my thoughts.

And, I'm so happy tou're going to be an aunt - how exciting!

Mary said...

Mmm, I adore fall too. Thanks for this reminder to go upstairs and paw through my fall decor... :O)

Wish we could come to your party! It sounds wonderful! My mom just gave me a huge cast iron dutch oven with rimmed lid and legs for our "camping" adventures, and I've been searching out the perfect recipe to christen it's first use. It seems so "fall" to me to cook outside.

I think my favorite thing about autumn is the wardrobe change. Darker colors and warmer clothing...that and baking more...

rohanknitter said...

I love fall, esp. the cooler weather.

Bethanie said...

Anna- very exciting, any day now.
Mary- I wish you could come. I know, I love to wrapped up in a warm sweater with a mug of tea.

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