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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Husel & Busel

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I'm not sure if I spelled the title right...hopefully you know what I mean.
I'm so busy. I've been baking like mad....cookies coming out of my ears. I just learned how to make hard candy this past weekend. My mom taught me. Does anyone have a good fudge recipe?
Little Miss was in a "baby dedication service" this last Sunday evening. We weren't able to go, but I know that her parents are dedicated to teaching her about the Lord. They already pray with her and sing her hymns. I'm excited about babysitting on the 17th, as her mommy goes back to work. I wish her mommy could stay home with her, but I'll be thrilled to keep her. I hope she never darkens the door of a daycare.
I've been thinking maybe I should take a blog break until after the holidays...but I'm absent so much the way it is. We'll see how much I can be here.


GinnyBerry said...

How wonderful that she is going to have a loving aunt take care of her while mom is working. I"m sure it will be a special time for you, too.


brandy :: where the lilies bloom said...

That's great news, Bethanie! I'm sure we'll all understand if your time goes to taking care of your niece, since these early years are so important. She's blessed to have an auntie like you.

Leigha said...

I just posted a really easy good fudge recipe on my blog. (Scroll down, it's from a few days ago..)
Have fun baking!

Bethanie said...

ginnyberry&brandy- I got a call last night and they want me to start watching her every Tuesday starting next month. I'm so excited!
leigha- thanks!

Amy said...

I found two great recipes for fudge at There are several that are for beginners (which I prefer so you don't have to get into checking temperature and be careful of sugar crystalization and all that stuff). Anyway, love your blog!

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