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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Smelly cat

She really does smell. She orginally belonged to our neighbor lady but she pretty busy so the cat migrated over to our carport. My hubby put out some hay for her when it got really cold. She was one of three kittens, but one got ran over and the other seems to be attached to the neighbors despite their distraction. Slowly but surly she has warmed my hubby's heart. He hasn't completely took her in yet... but there is talk of getting some shots, claws removed, and a much needed bath. We are stumped on a name. I suggested I let my blog friends help out. So... what do you think. What would you name this beauty. Something special about her- one of her back leggs is deformed and she limps. But we aren't partial to any of the "limpy" names. Still, we are open to anything.


brandy said...

We once had a kitty whose foot had been hurt in a trap. We called him Tricycle and he was the best cat. :-)

Bethanie said...

thats a cute name... I'll run it past hubby.

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