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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


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We received our information packet Saturday. We read through the papers very carefully. Several times they repeated that they encourage open adoption. I'm well read on adoption, so I've known how I felt on this subject for a while. I explained the meaning of open adoption to my husband and he immediately expressed his concern. Neither of us want an open adoption. Theres no way of denying that our child is going to come from another woman. We certainly aren't trying to do that. But, we also can't raise our child with another couple. I much prefer the concept of a semi-open adoption . After explaining this type of adoption, we agreed that was more of what we were looking for. We wouldn't be shutting out the birth parents, but we wouldn't be "family" with them either. A closed adoption doesn't seem realistic. Our child will know that he/she is adopted and will wonder about the birth parents eventually. I want to be able to tell my child that I know something about the birth parents. If the time should come when the child is an adult, that he/she wants to contact the birth parents then we will know how to do so.
So, we have two more options. One is contacting the other local agency and gaining information on their policy. I emailed them today requesting information or an appointment. The other option is Bethany Services in Chicago, however we don't want to have to make that 5-6 hr trip if we don't have to; but on the other hand I already trust Bethany. We'll see what happens. We haven't ruled out the first agency, but we want to explore our options before we even make an appointment with them. Once you start talking to an agency face to face, the bill starts racking up.
In other news:
My husband's biological sister is visiting from Arizona. She rode a bus for two days. What a way to travel. Their biological Grandmother is ill and she wanted to see her one more time before she passes. She is the only person from my husband's biological family that he has contact with. She is staying with us. I've never hosted a real guest before and I was pretty nervous. But, I did my best to make our spare room comfortable. Its kind of strange to have another woman in the house. Plus, I'd only met her twice. So far everything is going good.
My last day of work is Thursday. Can you tell that I'm excited about being free. I've been thinking of all the things I'll be doing and I think I may be even busier. But, its a good busy.


brandy said...

I'm praying you'll find the right option for you and your husband (and the child :-)). It's Thursday now, so I guess you're likely very excited this morning. Best wishes!

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