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Friday, April 17, 2009

I will never figure it out

I will never figure out the silly codes. Does anyone know an easy way to get three columns (two sidebars on each side of the post)? I've got too much stuff in the one sidebar. I hate clutter.


Mary said...

I like the new look here! I'm no help with Blogger templates, but I much prefer the two column look on blogs to the three column look. Just personal preference I guess. ;O)

Hope you are having a great week! Fun catching up on your blog posts!

Casey said...

I am not sure how to do it without a template that already has it done. If you go to

they have free layouts and if you click on them some of them will have the three column layout. It wont take away any of the stuff you have on your current blog however it will add stuff so you will just have to go in and delete the extra stuff. There are some pretty cute ones there. Hope that helps some

Bethanie said...

thanks for the comment Mary.
Casey, thanks for the tip I will check that out.

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