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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Not my favorite chore-

This is my shower-
and this is my shower on drugs-

no not really. Its my shower after months of not being cleaned. Cleaning the shower is my very least favorite chore. I loath it. Your probably thinking, "I've never seen anything so disgusting!" yeah well, that's life.

and below is the after picture. Much better!

and since my shower curtain was grody too- here is the final result

Applaud here-


Donnetta said...

Cleaning showers is a least favorite chore of mine also. I paid my son do it the other day. I'm now hoping that experience will remind him to spray the shower when he is done to keep it from getting that bad again (or at least take longer to do so). :-)

Casey said...

Don't be embarrased. I will not clean showers or bathtubs. I have no problem with toilets and have no clue why I can't do showers and tubs. My hubby does them. I have to say ours had a ton of mildew and soap scum build up on it and Kaboom mildew remover took it away like nothing. It was amazing and seriously like the best product ever!You should try it sometime.

Bethanie said...

Thanks for your comments. Casey- thanks for the tip I will try it.

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