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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook killed the blog

I used to think that the world revolved around the blog. Night and day I would be constantly thinking of things to blog about. I loved to visit other blogs and see what other people were doing in their lives and frequent blogs with whom I had commen interests and opinions. It was the coolest thing since sliced store bought bread. But, then I was introduced to facebook. Thats when the transition began. Now, my sun rising and sets on fb. I've played all the games, and lost interest. I'm well over a 100 friends, and noone ever says anything that amuses me much.

Recently I was thinking that I really do have a few things to say. Things that I can't share on facebook because that status thing only allows you so many characters. Where could I share these thoughts, opinions, and experiances? Hey, wait a minute, didn't I used to have somewhere to do that?! What was that called? Oh yeah, BLOG.

So, here I am. I have returned to you again my dear sweet blog. Please forgive my absense. I can't promise never to peak at your arch enemy - facebook. But I can say that I see much blogging in my near future.


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