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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clogged up

I've gotten on here several times in the last few days with the intent of writting something.  Something profound and meaningful.  But, when I lay my fingers to the keyboard, nothing comes to me.  There are several things going on in my life right now, but nothing that I can manage to put into words.  Do you ever have thoughts but you just can't let yourself put them out there?  It makes me think of Mary, Jesus's mother.  A couple of times the Bible says that she "pondered these things in her heart"... or something to that affect.  I guess thats what I'm doing right now: Pondering things in my heart.  All I can say is, things never stay the same.  Everything always changing, weither I want it to or not.  Truely, its not that I don't like change - but its alarming when its happening without you.  You know?  Well, anyway, hopefully I can very soon begin to get all of this muck out of my head and onto this screen.  It always makes me feel better.


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