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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lies Women Believe

This book really opened my eyes on some of the many lies that I was taught growing up. One of many was that during "that time of the month" you must be grumpy. Especially towards your husband because he is a guy and men are scum during this time. Big Lie! All I had to do was realize that I did not need to be mean during this time (or ever for that matter), and the last two monthes I've been fine. Not only have I not been a monster, but I notice that the physical complications like aches and pains don't bother me as much. My bitterness was just agitating those things. Its amazing what a renewing of the mind can do for you. Please read this book...if you haven't already. You can get it from the link to your left called "Revive our Hearts" or possibly from your local christian bookstore, which is where I got mine. I'm keeping my eyes open for another book by Nancy called "The Feminist Mistake". I'll blog about it when I can get my hands on a copy. We don't do credit cards otherwise I'ld just order it.


Rhonda said...

I love this book!!!!
I have it in Spanish for my ladies to read.
If I could only get them to read it early in life! Prevention is better that trying to fix something! Maybe she could write a book geared for young ladies........


Anonymous said...

So true. Wow I'd never seen the whole 'time of the month' trauma as a lie. Only today I was moaning that I am a slave to my hormones (forgive me Lord). Do you know this could be an answer to prayer - as I have been a real 'rat-bag' every month for as long as I know, and I have been praying to change. Hmmm, not sure if hubby will agree to another book purchase this month though!
Thanks for what looks like a great recommedation.

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