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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One step closer!

Praise the Lord! We are almost done with our living room remodeling. We need one more little piece of wood around the top and we are finished. I have a woman making curtains for me (they are too expensive to buy) and all I have to do is go and visite. They are in the style like shown above. I'm so excited that we are getting closer to our goal.
I was thinking this weekend about how differently I view my husband. Being a self-centered person I thought he had been brought into my life to serve me. Had I became pregnant and had a child three years ago when we tried to concieve, our child may not have gotten the right view of marriage. Because of my infertility---after all the saddness and things that I put myself through----I set out to figure out what my purpose was, which led me to many sites about biblical womanhood. Which led me to the truth. I hate to think how I would have messed up so badly had things gone my way back then. I'm so thankfully that God knows what I need.


abundanceinsimplicity said...

That is the beauty of marriage. Two people, serving each other, in love and fidelity. :)

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