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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The above picture is the kind of razor I use. I would highly recomend it. Its the best disposible razor.
I'm challenging myself. In the past I've had trouble with keeping my leggs shaved. Its just an issue with motivation I guess. Of course hubby likes them smooth. Also, I'm more likely to wear a skirt or dress, which he also prefurs, if they are shaved. So I suppose this is a two part challenge. I'm going to shave my leggs every three days(thats all I need) and wear a skirt or dress as much as I can, considering the weather-for the next three monthes. I'm thinking if I can devote myself to it, it will become routine for me. Now they are going to need shaved Thursday morning. Which is perfect because we are taking off on a camping trip Thursday and we are hoping to do some swimming and having lots of...alone time. Swim suites have scared me for along time. I have a one piece, plain black suite and I always wear a t-shirt and shorts over it if we are in the company of others. I'm looking forward to camping. I've created a menu and a loose schedule.
Thursday: dinner-steak and potatos
Friday: breakfast-eggs and bacon
lunch-BLT sandwiches (using leftover bacon)
dinner-hotdogs and hamburgers
Saturday: breakfast-pandcakes
lunch- lunch meat sandwiches
dinner- grilled chicken & cob corn
Sunday: breakfast- french toast w/ fruit topping
lunch- near by restuarant
* fruit and veggies w/ every lunch

  1. Set up camp
  2. start fire
  3. dinner
  4. walk
  5. play cards
  6. bed by 9:00


  1. rise and shine w/ the sun
  2. walk
  3. breakfast while Rick takes shower
  4. take my shower
  5. dishes/clean up
  6. horse back riding
  7. lunch
  8. clean up
  9. make a strawberry pie
  10. clean up
  11. read my book/ listen to music
  12. dinner-etc.
  13. try to socialize w/ neighbors


  1. up
  2. breakfast
  3. ready
  4. rent a boat
  5. lunch
  6. etc.


  1. up
  2. breakfast
  3. ready
  4. devotional
  5. etc.
  6. luch
  7. pack it up


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a lovely camping trip, sounds like fun.

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