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Friday, May 12, 2006

So blessed!

I've been feeling so blessed this week. I'm so glad that God brought my husband into my life. One evening this week it was raining. It was one of those cool, blowing Spring rains. I was just finishing up my work for the day and he was settleing down for bed. He invited me to come lay next to him and "relax" he said. The window was up and we just layed there and watched the rain and the trees blowing in the wind. It was one of those perfect, spiritual moments. People are so busy. Rush Rush Go Go. In this day we rarely enjoy the little things. In that moment I felt like we were the only people who exsisted and the only thing that mattered was our love. I truely love my husband, few wives are able to honestly say that anymore. I adore him more and more. When I was faced with infertility, I soon realized my unappreciation for my husband. I knew the great possiblity of one day having only him, except for God of course. That puts things into perspective.
Tonight, before you drift off, roll over and kiss your husband just a little bit more passionately than usual and tell him how much you love him.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your husband. My hubby is wonderful too he recently surprised me with a meal out at a restaurant, the little sweetie :o)

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