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Monday, May 08, 2006

This morning

This morning I saw a commercial for a new product that automatically cleans your shower. I believe it may have been from "scrubbing bubbles". It sort of disturbed me. This product is going to make it easier for women to be concerned about things out side their home. Its just one more step. Personally, I don't mind cleaning our shower and when I do it by hand with scrubing and elbow grease-I know that its clean. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know for sure that my bathroom (the germist room of the house) is really good and clean. I doubt very much that this product with really do a good job. Also, I'll bet that it will cost a small fortune. Yet, busy worldly moms will jump for joy at this oppurtunity to spend less time doing those "housewife chores" and more time ignoring their won't matter to them weither its really clean or long as they didn't have to do it themselves.
I've been garage saleing several times this season already. I just love finding something new or nearly new for cheap. I've gotten a bunch of baby things. I'll post some pictures this week if I can remember to bring my camera to work and download them


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