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Thursday, May 04, 2006

About Me

Apparently this little questionair is going around..and I had nothing else to post about today.
Accent: Southern Illinois Redneck(we're a special breed)
Bible book I like best: Genisis, Ruth, and Song of Solomn
Chore I Don't Care For: putting clothes away
Dog or Cat: dog
Essential Electronics: Dishwasher!
Favorite Cologne(s): I have Tommy Girl, but I only wear it for funerals or weddings
Gold or Silver: silver
Handbag I carry most often: Everyday I carry my green Old Navy purse I bought on sale for $3.00
Insomnia: Sometimes around "that time of the month".
Job Title: Helpmeet
Kids: hopefully soon
Living arrangements: We' ll own our home in 25 years.
Most admirable trait: sensitivity
Naughtiest childhood behaviour: getting my brother into trouble
Overnight hospital stays: not in my adult life
Phobias: Everything one can be afraid of, plus bellybuttons
Quote: "I'll get it right next time."
Religion: is politics
Siblings: 1 younger brother
Time I wake up: 2:50 a.m.
Unusual talent or skill: I can wiggle my ears without touching them
Vegetable I refuse to eat: lima beans, esparagus
Worst habit: biteing my lower lip
X-rays: several I broke my foot in 2003
Yummy stuff I cook:slow cooker ribs, banana cake, I made a yummy cheesecake last night.
Zoo animal I like most: Reptiles


Anonymous said...

I like that Religion: is politics. We have come so far from the simplicity of the Apostles faith in Jesus and the early church.

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