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Saturday, June 17, 2006 more thing for today

Yestarday I went to a yard sale just down the street. They had a beautiful stroller. You know one of those heavy duty ones with the car seat attached. I've seen several this "sale season" but none in as good a shape as this one. I went searching for the $100 plus tag I expected to see and found one that said "$25"! I questioned the woman about the price. "Are you sure?" I said. She said she didn't use it much and no longer needed it-it was only taking up space in her attic. Fabulous! The wheels were a little dusty from the couple times she had used it. The front tray was a little sticky-thats all though. I was able to clean it up like new in just a few minutes. I love finding great stuff for cheap!


BrittLeigh said...

Oh, I just love good finds like that! I can't wait for you to get to use it! :)

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