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Saturday, June 17, 2006


This past sunday our Pastor resigned (that happens to be unhappy news but just wait). So my work week has been very difficult. I've been picked on, lied to, yelled at, and over worked. I guess the final straw was being told that because the church is in financial trouble all the sudden I may have to work for nothing. I told my husband all about everything that was going on and he said he wouldn' t have me working for nothing. He said I put too much effort into helping "those people" he wouldn't have me doing it for free. He said that if I was ready to quite then he thought it a good idea to go ahead and get out now. Also, I've been talking of a project that had come to mind monthes ago. In the last couple of years my paternal Grandmother-one of the two women who truely raised me, has been slowly fading away from parkinsons disease. I regret not knowing about her past and her life before I came along. Now its too late, she is no longer even able to speak. I feel like I still have a chance with my maternal Grandparents. I want to chronicle their lives. Starting from what they know of their Grandparents all the way up to when I was born. I want to know who they were before they were christians. I want to know about their childhoods and their parents. Before its too late to find out. When they are finished with their stories I want to write a book, if its ok with them. Possibly just an ebook-maybe even publish. Every since I was a teenager I wanted to write and my husband says he supports my project. So other than finally being homemaker I'll be pursueing this project. I'm really excited. I have taken next week off for my vacation time, and then after that I'll have 2 weeks left at work. Also, finally he has mentioned looking for a new church for us to worship in. I'm excited about this too as we have been putting up with spiritual death at our current one. I've gone here my whole life and it makes me sad that it seems to be going under fast. But, its time to move on. I think we've just both had enough of waiting for change. I'll keep my blog up until my last week. We don't have a computer at home yet. So I won't have daily access to it.


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