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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

A Homemaker doesn't have to mean mother.

This is taken from Lady Lydia's blog. I thought it was very encouraging.
As far as I understand, there is a category of homemakers which definitely needs encouragement but doesn't get much of it. I am speaking here of stay-at-home wives. Stay-at-home moms often get under attack, but at least they can comfort themselves by the thought that they are doing it for their children, and indeed, as all the studies show, children are much better off home with their moms, than in various institutions. There are a lot of sites and blogs which offer support for moms at home. But childless homemakers are pretty much on their own. I would like to point out yet again, that the phrase "keepers at home" refers to childless women as well. There is plenty to do at home, even without children. Childless homemakers should not feel themselves less important just because they don't have children. Their staying home does make sense! A research conducted in our country showed that men feel themselves neglected when their wives work. The more hours she works, the more neglected the husband feels. The more neglected he feels the more the possibility of divorce. I would like to encourage those of our readers who are stay-at-home wives to share their stories with us. We will publish them on our site under the title "stay-at-home wives series". Just type in your story in comments box and we will publish it as a separate post (it will not appear in comments section). Your testimony will be a great support and encouragement for other childless ladies who are home and may be other childless wives will consider staying home after reading it.
A few monthes after we found out about my infertility I went back to work. I hadn't worked for over a year. At the time we both thought it was a good idea because of all the medical bills I was causing. I had surgery to remove cysts from my ovaries and at the same time I had broken my foot. There were hospital bills, X-ray bills, I saw a fertility specialist twice before we decided that wasn't for us, and then I had physical therapy to learn how to run again. I had deeply enjoyed staying at home. I was told that once the bills were all payed off I would be able to return home. When I started out, I returned to a job that I had a few years before cleaning offices in a factory. Then the secretary job at our church opened, and I got it. I am thankful that I only have to be here for 3 or 4 hours, and that most of the time I am left alone to search the web for homemaking inspiration. Yet, those bills that I acquired have been all paid off for almost 6 monthes and here I sit. I've been told by other bloggers that I need to make an appeal to my husband. That I'm not trying hard enough to convince him I should be home. All I can say is that I have asked. He tells me, "But, your really helping me out right now." And I know that is the point. For me to help him. And as for me trying to convince him...I think thats called nagging. He sees how I spend his money wisely on food and other essentials. I feel that other than that, all I can do is pray that God will change his mind if God wants me at home.


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