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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kitchen Show & Tell

Mrs B. is having a kitchen show & tell on her blog. Heres my entry:
This is my dishwasher. My hubby brought it home last January when he was helping a friend move. The friend didn't need it anymore because the house he moved into already had one built in. This machine is fabulous! The iceing on the cake is the wooden chopping block on top. Its like extra counter space. Unfortunalty I have had to temporarily stop useing it because of our mouse problem. The mice get into the machine from the bottom and live off the dirty dishes waiting to be washed. Once I'm sure the mice are gone I start using it again.
Also in the picture is my oven. Its older. It was used when we bought it from some man that had stuck it outside after buying a new one. My husband went up to the house, knocked, and asked if it worked. The man said it did. My husband shot the man a price ($50) and he loaded it up and brought it home. It works well. I've learned to deal with the burners that get too hot and the oven that doesn't heat evenly. We've had it since we moved into our home almost 4 years ago.


Mrs.R said...

A wooden chopping block on top would be nice. I have a love-hate relationship with my dishwasher. Sometimes the powdered soap gets wet and gets stuck in there making a mess to get it out. Then other times the dishes are still soaking wet even after the dry cycle. Oh, well at least I have one.

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