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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Grocery Shopping

This is my pantry full
Its a chore that I've never particullary liked..but I've gotten better at. When we first got married I started buying enough food for two weeks. Hubby gets paid every two weeks and I only shop once in that time period. Then, I would to walmart and spend up to $300 sometimes on food and "essentials". At some point that became impossible because of all the medical bills and stuff. Hubby would get upset if I went without him becuase I would buy for me and spend way to much. I didn't know at the time that I was doing it all wrong. When I gave over control of the money and fincial burdon he started giving me an allowance of $175 for groceries. Then when I learned about spending my husbands money wisely I dertermind that I should do everything possible to get that amount down while still getting everything we needed. So by reading others methods and doing with what I have to work with this is what I've come up with. On Wednesdays we get a sale paper for the local Buehlers Buy-Low. I go through the paper and pick out things that are on sale and that we use. That begins my shopping list. I try to look for things that will make a meal and that begins my menu list for the next two weeks. Then I make a list for what I know I can get cheaper at Save-a-lot (like canned goods) and finally I make a list for Dollar General (cleaning supplies, toliet paper, etc.) and if theirs anything that I absolutly have to go to Wal-mart for (certain kinds of pasta, dog food).
So here is my last list:
Buehlers $40 some
Kelloggs Cereal 5/$10
Puffs Tissues 10/$10 (I bought 4 at a $1.00 a box)
Save Bacon $1.69 (my "maiden" likes bacon)
Save Sugar $1.69
Bisquick Complete Mix 3/$2
Betty Crocker Muffin Mix 3/$2 (also for "maidens" breakfast)
Pasta 5/$5
BC Eggs $.69
Save Paper towels $.69
Kotex 2/$5
Betty Crocker Pizza Crust 2/$1.00
Crab pouch (the only thing I bought regular price)
Save-a-lot $30 some
Canned: carrots, corn, chicken broth
several lbs chicken
ricotta cheese
gravy mix
frozen dinners (hubby to take to work)
Dollar General $12
Dish soap
Wal-Mart $5.00
Around $87 to $90 all together.


Amy said...

Sounds like you've got a great grocery shopping system. I find we save so much when I plan a menu and shop for sales. I always try to buy lots of ground beef when it goes on sale. We shop once a week. Our whole family goes. Hubby takes the two boys and I take our daughter and we shop in opposite sides of the store. That way our trip is much shorter. Many times we couldn't fit everything in one cart anyway :)

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