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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pictures are Back!

I just thought this was soooo cute!
The other day I started re-reading Created To Be His Helpmeet. It seems like I'm seeing things in a whole new way. I am really going nuts over trying to be as giddy as possible. My husband is a very happy-go-lucky guy. He is famous for his huge grin. I know for a fact that he wants me to be as goofy happy as he is. He loves for me to tease him and play like we are wrestling. He loves for me to pretend that he is chasing me around the house for some reason or another. In the past I've occasionaly been in a mood to do these things, but now I'm trying to make a point to be silly any time we are alone together and he is near by. Men like that giddy, giggly school girl kind of thing (or some of them do). To be honest I'm enjoying myself entirely.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you're having fun! That's what its all about.


Mary said...

Wanted to second your recommendation of CTBHH...I love the chapter on husband types...mine is a mix of Mr. Visionary/Mr. Steady...a pretty even mix, at least his Visionary part is pretty logical...whew!
I smiled at this post, and acted a bit more giddy myself yesterday evening when dh got're right, it is fun!

Kate said...

That is so neat that you're reading that book. I think EVERY girl should read that! I'm not married quite yet (close! ) but I'm looking forward to being giddy with my man!

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