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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Heres another picture that I couldn't post the other day.
I got sitemeter. I'm amazed at all the different people that have visited me in just the last 24 hours. Several from different countries. It doesn't say who they are but it tells me where they are from. I just have to go, "How do they do that?" Modern Technology makes my head spin.
I'm so gald that its Thursday. No more getting up early to take hubby to work until Monday. I'm quietly hopeing that we can go see the movie about 9/11 tonight. Although I could be perfectly content with an evening at home.
I'm already thinking of Christmas. In the past that subject made my head hurt. The gifts and preparation for chaos. Hubby has put his foot down this year, and I agree. Brase yourself......We aren't buying anyone anything this year. In fact we won't even be around. We've already made plans to visit my family in Dallas for the entire week before Christmas right up until Christmas day. I'm excited about the trip. While we won't be buying them anything, I'm thinking we should take something which means making. I'm not very creative as some ladies are. I'm considering homemade pillows with a quilted look. I've got the idea forming in my head, so we'll see. Anyway, you know that movie about the Kranks skipping Christmas, in a sense thats basically what we are doing.


Mary said...

We saw World Trade Center, you'll be glad you did...very patriotic/
I know what you mean about Christmas, we always spend too much. Sometimes it can get to be spending more on extended family than your own family. I love it all though. My sister called it all off last year...which resulted in each family getting together to celebrate separately. I missed the big family gathering. Who needs presents anyway. Hope you have fun in is what Christmas is all about!

Amy said...

We had to decide that only children would be getting gifts from us. It miffed a few people in the family, but once they were having some financial difficulty they thought is was a *great* idea, lol! Now the few gifts I do buy or make are lots of fun to do.

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