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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Brave Mother

Susan Godfrey

I've been seeing this story everywhere today. This woman is so brave. She has been told that her baby will be born without functioning kidneys and will not live for more than a few hours after it is born. She has chosen to go ahead and carry the baby to term (just a few more days) and give birth. I think about this situation and I know God could do a miracle in it. God is full surprises and I have read so many times how doctors have been dumbfounded why this or that worked out when they said there was no hope. The medical field CAN NOT compete with God's power.

Picture taken from Ms. Susan's blog

I praise you for all the blessings you give us. I know that you can do things that my imagination can not come up with. Thank You God for being so powerful! Lord, Ms. Susan is carrying a precious baby and I'm so thankful that you saw fit to bless her with pregnancy to begin with. God, I plead with you to give this woman and her family a healthy baby. You have the ultimate plan for everyone and a reason for everything. It sure would be nice if she could raise this child.
In Jesus Name,

Update: Ms Susan gave birth to a little boy. He went to be with his heavenly father.


Happymama said...

I know. It's so pitiful. As a mother my heart is aching so much for this lady. I've read her blog and she writes as though she is filled with the grace of God.

We will all need to pray for this family.


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