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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Comment reply

Tammy said about the waffles post....

What could I do to get you to post a review of this at my website? :) (Like what you wrote here, underneath the recipe on the website) Maybe I can link to the next yummy-looking recipe you post about in exchange! ;) (Well, okay... I was planning to do that anyway... but I would be thrilled if you left a review on the website) ;)

Dear Tammy,

I would be happy to review the waffles on your site. Do you want me to just copy what I wrote here, or write something new and how do I put a review on your site?

You can use any recipe or picture that I post-but I rarely have my own recipes. I usually get them from the different recipe sites listed on my sidebar and then write about what I thought. So, don't make it out like I came up with the recipe unless I say otherwise. I try to site everything.

Please don't think that you have to do anything in exchange. I'm not a business woman and this isn't my corporation. I'm just having fun. No what you like.


Tammy said...

You're so sweet, Bethanie! I just know it takes time to review recipes, so I always appreciate it when people take the time to submit reviews, and was just wanting to do something nice in return, that's all! :)

Here is how to review a recipe:

First, go here:

All you need to put in is a user name and email address (the rest is optional). You'll receive an automated email with a temporary password, and you can go log in and change your password to something you can remember. ;)

Then, just go to the bottom of the recipe you want to review, and there will be a scale from 1 to 10; click on the number you want to rate it, and leave your comments/review in the text box. Hit submit, and you're done! :)

And yes, you could just copy and paste what you wrote about the waffles recipe on your blog... the part about what you did and what you thought of the recipe! :)

Bethanie said...

ok...all reviewed.
I'm going to try your corn chowder recipe tonight.

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