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Monday, October 23, 2006

Shopping to Bake!

With the weather turning chilly and the holiday season just around the corner, I'm getting an itch to bake- a lot. This weekend we did our shopping and I already planned to buy some cans of pumpkin. When we entered the first store-the cheapest store-they had baking supplies stocked up front. They had stocked up on things they usually don't carry either. Oh, I just couldn't resist. I got several cans of pumpkin, light corn syrup, pecans, various kinds of chocolate chips, bakers chocolate, and the list goes on and on. I did end up spending a little more in that store than usual, but I won't have to buy bakeing stuff for a while, maybe all season.
In the next store they had frozen fish on sale. I got salmon and tilipia (sp?). I have no idea how to fix it. My husband especially warned me about fishy taste. He wouldn't be partaking in anything that smelled or tasted like... So, I'm possibly in big trouble. But, we really need to eat different kinds of things. If you have any recipes to share I could use any help.
Finally, I have some good news. Yet, I'm keeping it under my hat. Just pray that it works out. If it doesn't develope-well then I don't have anything to take back. If it does, then we can all jump for joy.
Note: No, I'm not miracliously pregnant. Its good news, but not that good.
Oh one more thing. Share your favorite pumpkin recipes. Add pictures too. Email to me (see my email on my profile) and I'll post a new one or two each week until Thanksgiving. Just title your email "Pumpkin Show and Tell" and remember to include your blog link.


Tammy said...

We have a good salmon recipe... at least, we think so ;) It's good grilled or baked. :)

Happy baking! You sound like me! I want to bake something every day :D

Bethanie said...


Carrie said...

I cook Tilapia with salt, dill and a little lemon in the broiler. It is a very mild fish (not to fishy). As for pumpkin recipes, I found a recipe for Pumpkin cobbler. You can find it at I hope what ever is under your hat works out well.

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