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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Remember The Amish Today

It makes me so sad that the evil world has struck these people. I mentioned a while back that I had read a couple of Christian Amish series. Yestarday when I heard this on the news I felt like I knew the people. The Amish are peaceful. They mind their own business and try to seperate themselves from the world as much as possible. They practice forgivness in everything. I was watching one of those morning shows this morning and the hosts were so amazed by their eagerness to forgive that man and embrace his family. I pray that I could be more like that. When I heard about it last night, my first thought was that I hoped he fried(not knowing that he had killed himself aswell). The man didn't do anything to me, but I felt anger and resentment towards him just hearing what he had done.
All of this must be terribly confusing to the Amish community. Please remember them in prayer today.


Rhonda said...

I cannot imagine what they are going through. May God give them grace.

getzapped said...

Your words ring so true! I will pray for them and the crazy world we live in.

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