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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Mothers take care of your own children!
Our church allows a state funded programe to use our buildings for their daycare. I don't happen to feel that we should be doing this-but nobody asked me. During their schedule they take the children over to our gym and the play games. About 30 minutes ago they went over. For several minutes I heard strange noises coming from down the hall-but I thought it was the janitor messing around in his closet. Several more minutes went by (perhaps 15 all together) and I heard a small voice in the hall. I got up to check, and they apperentlly they left this little boy in the room. Now...if I hadn't been here the little guy would've been left alone that whole time. I took him over to the other building and made the teachers (yes 2 women forgot him) aware that they had forgotten him. One said, "Oh how embarassing". I didn't comment.


Joyce's Ramblings said...

Sad for the little boy. What can you say when you do something like that? And what good would it do?
Sorry doesn't cover it.

Mary said...

I agree. Thankfully none of ours have ever been in daycare. I hear in big cities grocery stores have daycare type holding rooms where you can drop off your children while you shop. Not on your LIFE. I'm glad you found the little guy!

Btw, your whole wheat pancakes look DELICIOUS! And I loved the pics of your TX trip!

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