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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vacation Pictures!

I finally brought my camera in! This first one is the Beautiful Texas sky!

This a glimps of where we lived. We stayed in my causin's luxuary camper. Very nice!
This is Mo. He did pretty well traveling with us.

This is my husband and causin at the Fort Worth Zoo. They an avatory where you could feed the birds.

An Eagle.

It was chilly that day and many of the animals were sleeping. This is a fox whom I caught napping.

Kangaroos, we couldn't get them to jump for us.

The primates are my favorite. The one up front is obviously expecting.

Elephants-I thought they looked like they were sharing a secret.

This is my favorite picture. I think it turned out really good.

So, that was just some of our Christmas Vacation. I'm already planning our next trip. Hopefully to Amish Country.


Tammy said...

Your top picture is gorgeous! =)

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